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Read a burn-down chart (一张燃尽图)

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Sprint Burndown Chart is a unique artifact, which indicates total remaining Product Backlog Item (PBI) towards the end of sprint. It tells the Dev team and Scrum Master, Where they are in the schedule, at the right moment (by day) If their original plan is estimated over-granular It tells the…


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很多人在面试不通过时,才想到在学校里应该练习一下表达能力。到了单位里发现很多简单的任务无法完成时,才想到过去似乎不应该为了考试成绩而忽视实验和实习的训练。在不小心得罪了同事后,才体会到应该在交往时考虑对方的感受。 天下没有后悔药,从当下开始改变你做得到吗?